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Thank you for visiting Alice Wotton Art! I am Alice and I am a passionate emerging artist based on the Suffolk/Essex border in the UK.

Prior to creating 'Alice Wotton Art' I studied Fine Art at A level where my passions began for painting and in return I achieved an A* grade. I then went on to attain a Distinction after studying a diploma in art foundation.

I have explored a whole range of mediums within art including, life drawing, photography, fashion and textiles, printing and ceramics. Whilst I find inspiration within all of these subjects my passions often come back to painting.

I now paint in my own art studio in Pebmarsh, Essex, where I continue to develop my own practise and create stunning unique pieces of art.


My art is heavily influenced by my love of animals. I adore the use of mixed media and aesthetic colour palettes, including both bright and muted palettes and the use of media including acrylic, ink, watercolour, graphite, and pastel. I enjoy how different colour palettes and media can add style and atmosphere to an interior. 

Living in the beautiful Suffolk countryside I love having nature outside my front door, My art is heavily inspired by what I find out in the countryside. From pheasants, muntjacs, badgers, cows and next doors riding school ponies - all 80 of them roaming over the majority of the village land, I am constantly inspired to capture the countryside menagerie on to canvas.

My animal inspirations also derive across seas to South Africa, Pilanesberg National Park where I was fortunate enough to see beautiful exotic animals including Zebra, Lions, Giraffes, Elephants and Rhinos! My work will always pay homage to real life encounters with these beautiful creatures!

My practise also involves painting the universal symbol of Love - the heart!

Pursuing my other passion of makeup artistry and working in the bridal sector, means most of my time is spent at beautiful wedding destinations, surrounded by Magical, happy, positive feelings and of course loads of love!


These emotions are the sole inspiration for my heart paintings. As a lover of abstract art being able to paint from emotion and feeling is a real passion and joy. I aim to capture these emotions through the use of colour, composition, media and texture inducing the consumer to feel the sentiment and love behind the piece of art.

Knowing each abstract heart will be uniquely different really resembles how every persons love story is uniquely their own, making these creations very sentimental. 

If you are interested in owning your own sentimental, stylish piece of art you can love forever please feel free to get in touch or visit my online shop.

To find out what I'm up to in the studio take a look at my instagram @alicewottonart

Lots of Love Alice x

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