How should I prepare for my appointment?

Make sure your skin is cleansed

If you have any photos of makeup styles you like keep them at hand for the appointment.

Wear a vest or buttoned shirt so you can get changed after your appointment without smudging your makeup.

Try to avoid applying heavy self tan on your face prior to your appointment.

Who should have a trial makeover?

I would recommend a trial session to all brides. 

Makeup trials are a perfect way to experiment with coverage, textures and to discuss complimentary colour palettes. Trials are also recommended for mother of the brides and one of the bridesmaids from the bridal party. This will ensure all makeup works harmoniously with their outfits and ensures everyone is happy and relaxed with their look ahead of the big day.

Why are reservation fees non refundable?

Reservation fees allow me to secure your date and time of appointment, therefore not allowing any other appointments to be booked for this time. These fees cover my business costs in the event of a cancellation. 

How long is a makeover?


Each makeup appointment roughly lasts around 45mins.

A makeover time varies depending on what style of makeup you are having, appointments will be longer if the makeup is more complicated or the style is heavier.

Trial Makeovers and Makeup Lessons can be up to 2 hours long.

Why does bridal makeup cost more?

Bridal makeup is very specialised.

Knowledge for bridal makeup covers, photographic makeup experience, and colour theory knowledge.

There is a high level of skill to create a natural but full coverage, long lasting bridal look, that will make you feel beautiful on the day and also to appear radiant in your photos and videos.

The bride will have support from me throughout the lead up to the wedding.

The bride will be given more time with the makeup artist to ensure everything is exactly how she would like it.

What experience do you have in the makeup industry?

I have been in the makeup industry for the past 6 years.

I have worked on over 350 weddings.

I have worked on many photoshoots with clothing brands, event companies, florists and even SFX Halloween companies.

I have had makeup work published online in a bridal magazine called Bride and Tonic.

Where did you get your qualification to do makeup?

I got my qualification at the Cambridge School of Beauty.

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a silicone based foundation that is highly water resistant.

It is applied using a small airbrush, that lightly sprays the foundation on to the skin.

This makeup application is suited to people who have never worn makeup before and want to achieve a lightweight natural feeling on the skin.

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