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Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeover = £60

Bridesmaids = £40

Mother of the Bride = £40

Wedding Packages:

bride + bridesmaid x2 = £140

bride + bridesmaid x3 = £180

bride + bridesmaid x4 = £220

bride + bridesmaid x5 =£260

bride + bridesmaid x6 =£300

bride + bridesmaid x7 =£340

bride + bridesmaid x8 =£380

bride + bridesmaid x9 =£420

bride + bridesmaid x10=£460

Airbrush £15 extra per person

I offer makeup for brides, bridesmaids, Mother of the Brides. Children under 13Yrs are eligible for a free makeover.

I provide both traditional and airbrush application.

What's the difference between traditional and airbrush application?

Traditional makeup application allows you to blend foundations and concealers with the use of brushes.

Airbrush makeup is sprayed on with a small airbrush. This method gives an ultra lightweight feel and is recommended for clients that have never worn makeup.