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Hi everyone! welcome to my little creative blog space. This is a going to be my informal place on the internet to share my inspos, creative processes and everything else that happens along my artistic journey! - basically an online journal for all to see! (not scary at all) 

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Alice x 

How Alice Wotton Art Started


Welcome everyone, to my first blog post! I thought it would be fitting to chat about how Alice Wotton Art started, Its important to me to be honest and show you all if you really want something it is possible!

So I ordered some paints and canvas boards and I decided to paint my good friends family pet. The gorgeous Lily!

At this point I had no idea how it was going to go, but I was pleasantly surprised that the finished result came out really well! I ended up framing it and gifting it to my friend for her birthday. I posted some photos online and a suddenly found myself with a list of people wanting paintings of their pets!

As well as pets I also started my heart creations! Hearts are a big universal symbol for love and I felt during this awful time what better way to spread love than to paint hearts! I have always gravitated towards more expressive abstract art, the messy, loose type..  (much to the dismay of my parents dining room floor- sorry mum and dad ) I didn't have much direction when starting these creations, I hadn't a single clue what my 'Style' was, so I just experimented! I threw lots of colours at the canvas, tried splattering the paints, did whatever felt right at the time, slowly I could see a style develop.

I started by doing a small heart painting for one of my best friends, as a wedding gift! ( We met when she booked me to do her bridal makeup! ) now we are besties!

Anyway since posting online about my hearts, I started to get mutual friends ask for bespoke creations where they picked what colours they wanted in the heart and any small print written in the heart- including dates and quotes etc. These were a big success and 3-4 months later I had booked to have a pop up shop and gave myself the task of creating hundreds of heart canvases in the hope to spread some colour and positivity during the pandemic!

So, I'm going to get straight to the birth place of my little business. any guesses?! my business was born in my parents dining room in June 2020 AKA Lockdown!

Yep you heard it correctly. I made my own make shift art studio in and on my mum and dads dining room table! lol. Pre lockdown I worked as a freelance bridal makeup artist, inevitably I was put out of work instantly. It was quite a depressing time, I felt for all my lovely brides who couldn't get married when they wanted too.

It was pretty clear after the first two weeks of lockdown COVID -19 was going to be a bigger issue than we all once thought, my creativity started to make me itch... as much as I didn't mind a week off, resting, Netflix on and enjoying my daily dog walk I really just wanted to get back to creating!

I decided to pick up my passion of painting! The last time I had properly painted was in 2016 during my art studies at Colchester Institute! - I was also taught traditional methods of fine art painting during my A Levels at Hedingham school, to which I will be forever grateful for!

My pop up shop was meant for November 28th 2020 - Sadly this couldn't go ahead due to lockdown restrictions - this is when my Etsy page was born! - I thought I would offer an online pop up shop instead! This was a hit! to this day I am so grateful to everyone that supported me and my artwork. At this stage I really believed I could pursue a career in art and do what I love! I just needed to find a place to create without worrying about splattering paint up the dining room walls!

So this is the start of how Alice Wotton Art became real! I think it shows that if you truly are doing something you love and you persist and keep going, you will eventually get to where you want to be!

PS - these images were taken in my parents spare room, I nailed 35 heart canvases to the wall and decided to dress up whilst teaching my mum how to work out how to take insta worthy photos. It was stressful and not as glam as it looked! HAHA! 

OK, so i have just typed exactly what was in my head on to the screen... my first blog post! If you made it this far, well done and thank you! :) what do you guys think? Let me know by visiting my Instagram @alicewottonart and send me a message!

Alice x

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